The Crack - Pre-Alpha (v0.43) Update Notes

This version contains large number of bug fixes and features. Major changes in this version:

  • Added protocol activation bar
  • Added bug report button for pre-alpha users to report bugs and make feature requests without leaving the game
  • Modified color palette and added color grading
  • Sound engine was completely re-coded from the scratch
  • Added player level mechanism based on XP's gained by various events in game
  • Main menu features limited for use in closed pre-alpha
  • Added lightning effect to Old Town map
  • Added damage and destroy effects to the Big-Boy
  • Added explosion camera effect
  • Added white-hot / black-hot switching option to Ghost
  • Updated watermark with flashing graphical version
  • Added three upgrade level to all ground units
  • Added protocol activating screen effects
  • Protocols are now can be used only once for each